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Two kinds of injection foam:

This type of insulation is the best option for those who has a limited budget. It is the cost effective answer for insulating Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls and is less expensive compared to R-Foam. It is a Class A building material that exceeds all the needed requirements of building standards.


C-Foams are faster to install because it uses a high-speed installation technology where compressed air is used to make sure that all insulation flows throughout the entire wall unit without leaving any voids.


One of the best features of C-Foam is that it is biodegradable and is made from environmentally safe nitrogen-based organic polymers. It is non-toxic and does not contain CFC, petrochemicals, or any other harmful solvents.

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This type of foam is ideal for re-insulating older homes that may or may not have an existing insulation. R-Foams are injected into the wall from either the interior or exterior of the home. This kind of insulation flows through empty space across the old material and fills the entire wall cavity.


R-Foams are Class A building materials that exceeded all testing requirements for building standards. R-Foams are also environmentally safe, biodegradable and are easy to dispose.


R-Foams have the highest R-value compared to any retrofit insulation available.