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Closed Cavity Foam

Foam Solutions Inc has been providing quality insulation jobs to Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Our services are unmatched compared to other insulation services.

Meaning of polyurethane

Difference of polyurethane foams

Closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation can be considered as one of the most efficient insulating materials commercially available. The term “Closed cell” came from the structure of the finished insulation material. Every cubic inch of polyurethane foam hosts a million of tiny plastic closed cells. These closed cells weigh 2 pounds per cubic foot and contains an R-value of above 6.0 per inch.

The biggest difference of closed cell polyurethane foams to open foam is the price. Closed cell foams are costly however, due to its density; it also adds extra strength to your walls, ceilings, etc.  

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